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高橋竹山(Chikuzan Takahashi) / 岩木即興曲 (Iwaki Impromptu)



【2021年6月上旬発売予定:予約受付中!】 古今東西の~にほんのうた~をテーマにレコードでのリリースをする<VOLKUTA>の第三弾は、幼少時にかかった病気が元で失明、貧しく厳しい生活の中で津軽三味線と出会い、日本の民謡を世界で賞賛を受ける芸術の域にまで高めた津軽三味線の名匠、高橋竹山。収録曲は”岩木即興曲”。 アルバム作品にも数曲収録され即興曲だけにそれぞれ異なるアレンジが存在するが、今回は京都の祇園祭の開催期間に合わせ京都市の「円山公園音楽堂」で1973年から2011年間開催された「宵々山コンサート」へ氏が出演した際の音源である。始まるを告げる野太い弦、叩きつけるような バチさばきではないのに胸を締め付ける圧倒的な力強さ、一人の演奏とは思えないオーケストラのような音の広がり、自由な音の展開。いわゆる定型の民謡の枠を完全に逸脱した高橋竹山という三味線奏者の表現がその場にいる聴衆を巻き込んでいく様が目で見ずとも伝わるようだ。 竹山氏はこの曲を”はじまりがどこで、まんなかがどこで、おわりがどこだかわからないような曲“と語っているが、まさに即興曲、さまざまな手を入れながら微妙な音の変化と複雑なリズムで強弱をつけ聴くものを最後までつかんで離さない躍動感に満ちた大作である。 今回オリジナル音源を再構築したのは、世界的ベーシストとして活躍するBill Laswell氏。民族音源への造詣も深く、彼のアレンジは”Remix“ではなく” Mix-translation”という言葉を用いる。その言葉に違いが示すような、竹山氏の音源を生かしつつも、彼らしいウネリのある重低音ベースによるアレンジは、まるで二人が同じライブステージに立ってセッションしているような錯覚に陥る。オリジナルを咀嚼した上で翻訳を施すという彼の考え方が理解できる仕上がりだ。 ジャケット写真は、竹山氏の写真を長きに渡り撮影してきたカメラマンの葛西梧郎氏によるもの。作品の紹介文は、「魂の音色 評伝高橋竹山」の著者松林拓司氏にお願いした。 The third release of <VOLKUTA>, which will be released on vinyl with the theme of ancient and modern east and west~ Nihon no Uta ~, is blindness caused by an illness that he had when he was a child, he met Tsugaru shamisen in a poor and difficult life. Chikuzan Takahashi, a master of the Tsugaru shamisen, has raised Japanese folk songs to the level of art that has been praised around the world. The recorded song is "Iwaki Impromptu". Several versions are also recorded in the album work, and there are different arrangements only for improvisational songs, but this time Held from 1973 to 2011 at "Maruyama Park Concert Hall" in Kyoto City to coincide with the Gion Festival in Kyoto It is a sound source when he appeared in "Yoiyoyama Concert". A thick string that tells the beginning, like slamming Overwhelming power that tightens the chest even though it is not a drumstick, like an orchestra that does not seem to be a single performance Spread of sound, free development of sound. A shamisen player named Chikuzan Takahashi who completely deviated from the frame of so-called standard folk songs. It seems that the expression of is involved in the audience at the scene without even seeing it. Chikuzan Takahashi describes this song as "a song where you don't know where it started, where it started, and where it ended." It's just an impromptu song, something that you listen to with subtle changes in sound and complex rhythms while making various changes. It is a masterpiece full of dynamism that you can grab until the end. Bill Laswell, who is active as a world-class bassist, reconstructed the original sound source this time. He has a deep knowledge of ethnic sound sources, and his arrangement is "Mix-translation" instead of "Remix". Is used. While making the best use of Chikuzan Takahashi's sound source, as the difference in the words shows, it is unique arrangement with swelling deep bass bass makes you feel as if you are standing on the same live stage and having a session. It is a finish that you can understand his idea of chewing the original and then translating it. The jacket picture is by Mr. Goro Kasai, a photographer who has taken Mr. Chikuzan Takahashi's picture for a long time. We offered to Mr. Takuji Matsubayashi, the author of "Chikuzan Takahashi, the sound of the soul," to introduce the work. Artist : 高橋竹山 (Chikuzan Takahashi) Title : 岩木即興曲 (Iwaki Impromptu) Track List : A1 .岩木即興曲 (Iwaki Impromptu) B1. 岩木即興曲 (Iwaki Impromptu) Bill Laswell Mix-Translation Distrcreated at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ engineering: James Dellatacoma Mastered by Eitetsu Takamiya (Flower Records) Distributed by Field Of Mouth Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/field-of-mouth/sets/chikuzan-takahashi-iwaki-impromptu